Westerbrake holiday cottage was lovingly brought to life by us, Martha and Malcie.

We live in the wild and beautiful island of Yell in Shetland. We met through our mutual love for wildlife and our work in nature conservation. Alongside her environmental and conservation work,  Martha is a wildlife tour guide with Shetland Nature. Malcie looks after RSPB's nature reserves in Shetland.

Besides wildlife we both love music, art, world travel, good food, good company and our dog!

We are delighted to share Westerbrake with guests who share our appreciation for the natural world. We are always happy to offer advice about Shetland's fabulous wildlife and its rich island culture.  

Having travelled fairly extensively, we aim to provide the sort of place that we love to stay in ourselves -  unique, comfortable, secluded and surrounded by nature.



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“Make Yourself at Home!"
Westerbrake is owned
maintained by Martha & Malcie Smith